Tuesday, July 20, 2010

KFSM-TV Channel 5's Daren Bobb runs from questions

I was just having an exchange on Facebook with Daren Bobb, News Anchor for Fort Smith KFSM-TV Channel 5 News. I have known Daren Bobb for several years and asked him why Channel 5 News did not give him more time to cover important news that affects local people... and instead devotes more time to frivolity (sports).

I pointed out that we do not hear stories about the confirmed Socialists in our government or how the national debt will affect our children and grandchildren or how the Constitution is being subverted... but we hear every frivolous thing out there about the Arkansas HOGS.

Instead of having a serious discussion, Daren Bobb deleted the conversation and canceled me as a friend.

Americans need to know that the conspiracy to keep them ignorant is not just at the national level. Local news outlets and local news personalities are also very much involved.


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