Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mocking God

America is institutionally and corporately mocking God, arrogantly and contumaciously elevating our national opinions, laws and policies over the wisdom and truth of Almighty God; thereby rejecting his providence and blessing.

We have officially, nationally and foolishly demoted, degraded and demeaned God’s immutable truth by effectively placing it on the same level as all the false beliefs and religions found in the world today.

Not heeding calls to return to our Christian foundation and heritage, we are instead witnessing an ever-increasing and relentless onslaught from the God-less hordes, and an idiotic and irrational increased complacency from professing Christians! God Bless America??? – Why?

Now, the world will do, what the world must do, with the God-less hordes neither seeing, hearing, nor understanding God-ly things. They have and always will eat and be filled with the fruit of their wayward ways and fatuous schemes. What is particularly alarming today is the willingness of Christians to eat and be filled with that same fruit – provided their political party serves it up.

Unless politicians, regardless of party affiliation or non-affiliation, are willing to PUBLICLY and OFFICIALLY acknowledge Almighty God and the Lord Jesus Christ (that acknowledgement not considered a religious test according to America’s Founders) and can demonstrate a legitimate commitment to the pursuit of real truth, real justice and the Constitutional American way – Christians have no business supporting them. Further, unless a politician will agree that a person can, in fact, be MORALLY and/or ETHICALLY disqualified from, and for, holding elective or appointed office – Christians have no business supporting them.

Ask your candidates precisely where and upon what they stand. Then vote accordingly.

Remember: If you get your religion wrong, you go to Hell. If you get your politics wrong, your country goes to Hell.