Saturday, July 22, 2006

Israel's Only Real Choice

Hatred for the Jews and the Nation of Israel is widespread. That hatred is spiritual in origin, extremely visceral, irrational, and manifests itself in a wide variety of groups. Jews are the objects of attack by whacko conspiracy nuts, unreasoning bigots, errant religionists who see them as “Christ killers”, and will forever be the targets of annihilation by Islamic fascists and the descendents of Ishmael.

Fortunately, in Western Society, the nuts, bigots and religionists can usually be dealt with effectively through persistent and consistent confrontation, the repetitive education of their discretion and the public exposing of their lunatic dementia. At the very least, they can be shamed, isolated, controlled and held at bay on the fringes of Western society.

Unfortunately, such is not the case in the Middle East with the Islamic fascists and most Arabs and Arab states in general. Their hatred of the Jews and the nation of Israel appear to be attached to their very DNA and is an accepted part of their society, taught and reinforced in their schools, mosques, governments and families. In their minds and hearts, the destruction of Israel and the Jews is linked to not only the solution for all their worldly problems, but also the eternal destination of their souls. Enemies have united and cooperated, all in the name of destroying Israel. Make no mistake about it: If there were a button that could be pushed to kill all Jews (men, women and children) and eliminate the nation of Israel forever – these people would trample on one another to be the one to push it.

You cannot reason with the unreasoning. You cannot effectively exercise diplomacy or negotiate with an enemy that desires only to kill you and your children.

Past appeasement and compromise with its enemies has brought Israel to where they are now. Unfortunately and regrettably, kill or be killed - is Israel’s only real choice and chance for peace and security, and I pray for their success.