Thursday, October 05, 2006

Democrats & Republicans... little diference

Democrats are the power base for the abortionists (baby killers), the depraved, the sexually deviant, the overtly perverse (homosexuals, lesbians, bi-sexuals, trans-sexuals, intergenerational intimacy proponents (pedophiles), comprehensive sex-ed course proponents, pornographers, etc.) and the socialists/communists of our day.

Republicans, while retaining some of the right sounding rhetoric, have become nothing more than whitewashed democrats. Hypocrisy is their trademark and political cowardice their hallmark. Some still talk a good game (in order to stir up the “troops”), but their actions once in office show them to be nothing more than a collection of empty suits suffering from spineless-itis devoid of integrity, honor and virtue.

Neither are concerned about how their actions affect the country, but only in whether they can accumulate more or retain political power. Both are domestic enemies of the Constitution.

I started my political life as a Democrat. In the 50’s and 60’s they were the party most concerned about the people of these United States. When they became morally and politically perverse, I was forced to switch. I worked for the Republicans for 25 years. Their song and dance about “Just get us a majority in the House, Senate and the White House and then you’ll see great things!” was just that, a song and dance. Their undeniable betrayal has breached all the trust and hope I had in them.

Vote and be - INDEPENDENT!

Remember: If your religion is wrong, you go to Hell. If your politics are wrong, your country goes to Hell.

"Just Cause"... is just

My recently published advocacy of a “Just Cause” (JC) standard over the current “At Will” (AW) standard for dismissal of employees have some thinking I have departed from principles I advocated during my run for Congress as an Independent. Not a chance!

JC embodies the highest of American ideals - proper, thoughtful and “just” action for legitimate, definable and specific “cause”.

AW, on the other hand, is a complete departure from American ideals and embraces totalitarian and socialistic principles. AW lacks legitimate standards, is completely arbitrary, capricious and given to coercive, secretive, vengeful and controlling employer tactics, which by definition need only be based on an employer’s whimsical and unethical “will”.

American freedom, liberty – our whole way of life – necessitates responsible and virtuous conduct. A person’s word and/or handshake should be enough to conduct business. To our detriment – integrity, honor, propriety and just plain honesty have become outmoded business concepts, affecting not only the business/customer relationship, but also the employer/employee relationship.

When simple trust is absent, or unwise, businesses (employers) have long recognized the wisdom and benefits, as needed, of contracts. All terms, conditions, expectations, standards, compensations, penalties, bonuses, etc. are clearly spelled out for those doing business, offering protection and recourse to all parties involved. If good for businesses, customers and employers – why is it not also good for employees…? To say it is not, is dishonest and does violence to reason.

For America to regain the values and practices that made her morally and commercially great, employers and employees alike need to be re-educated and re-introduced to concepts such as honesty, loyalty, justice, fairness, propriety, honor, integrity, virtue and yes, even patriotism.

Remember: If your religion is wrong, you go to Hell. If your politics are wrong, your country goes to Hell.