Saturday, December 01, 2007

Together We Stand - Divided We Fall

Are you a subservient, kept beggar… or a proud American?

While running for the U.S. Congress in 2004 I learned some things.

Baby-boomers are regularly being demoted and “re-classified” into lower pay scales. Seniority and job performance are being cast aside with preference of better jobs going to younger and cheaper employees. American citizens are not being hired… because they can only speak ENGLISH! Some employees are being forced to travel to foreign countries, training the foreign workers who will soon have their jobs! Employees are being forced into humiliating and degrading situations and have no protections. If they do not submit to the will of their employers, they are fired.

Business’s response to employee concerns? Increasingly employees are reminded, “Your employment is AT WILL. You, or we, can terminate your employment at any time for any or no reason.” In other words, “If you don’t like it, there’s the door.”

Who has orchestrated this callous abandonment of principle and loyalty to American employees? Was it deliberate? You bet it was!

Businessmen are smart - and organized. They have their “unions”; they just call them “associations” or “country clubs”. They eat together, drink together and socialize together. For their mutual benefit they discuss controlling business expenses (the largest being employee salaries and benefits), formulate plans and then work together to accomplish them. Just who do you think got the Arkansas Legislature to make Arkansas a “Right To Work – At Will Employment” state? Hint: They hire and fire you and reap the financial benefits of being able to coerce and dictate all terms of employment.

Unless Arkansas workers get smart and organized (unionized), standing together like their bosses do, they will remain on the bottom of the corporate food chain never being paid what they are worth, never having the legal protections they deserve; just stabled, slavish and servile income beggars, with outstretched hands.