Monday, August 31, 2009

We "radical rightwing types"... are RIGHT, just plain right

Say what you will about us Christian “radical rightwing types”, but the one thing you can’t honestly say is that we were/are wrong.

For decades we have warned that by departing from the Judeo/Christian principles and ethics that built our country, we would see an increase of unethical behavior at all levels of our society. We are there.

We warned that there was a cultural war taking place to throw Almighty God and the Lord Jesus Christ out of our Country. We are there.

Despite hollow, ill-informed and cowardly assurances that it could never happen, we continued to sound the alarm. We are there.

We also warned that homosexuality and lesbianism would become commonplace in its acceptance and taught in the public schools as being normal. We are there.

We warned that abortion would become a means of birth control. We are there.

We warned that the judiciary was slowing seizing control of the other two branches of our government and that eventually we would be ruled by black robed despots and five members of the Supreme Court instead of our elected representatives. We are there.

For years we have warned that unconstitutional and unrestrained spending by the government would lead to huge deficits and a debt that would shift a huge burden upon our children and their children’s children – adversely affecting their very ability to enjoy the traditional American way of life. We are there.

We warned about domestic enemies of our Constitution and the insidious, deceitful and deceptive nature of Socialism/Communism. How they were devising, some deliberate, some ignorantly, ways of taking captive our Country and destroying the American way of life. We are there.

On all the “hot-button” social issues and potentially catastrophic economic issues of the past several decades, we “radicals” have been right… so… why are you still following those who were/are wrong?

Tar and Feather Them

Most Party Affiliated Politicians are nothing but a bunch of unprincipled, double-dealing, duplicitous dolts. They think only of themselves and their parties, and preserving their positions of power & prestige, while thinking nothing about the Constitution they hypocritically swear to protect and defend! They will say, or do, anything to get elected or re-elected and are about as concerned over their constituents... as a fox is over the contents of the henhouse. Their sole interest, despite their condescending, pretentious and bombastic platitudes, is about what directly benefits them and what future benefits they can pocket while playing the “devoted public servant” game. Devoted public servants, Ha!

They are the enemy, playing the American people,YOU and me, as suckers. P.T. Barnum is their high priest! They pose, and are, the single most serious threat to American liberty and freedom, more than anything or anyone else!

Recently, some Americans have been criticized for how they treated their “representatives” in local town hall meetings. These Americans actually had the audacity to raise their voices and show anger at what Congress and the President were doing to the Country. Could it be that after decades of being ignored, these Americans were saying “We're mad as Hell and we're not going to take it anymore!”...? About time!

You'll notice politicians are now listening... running scared, running away, taking cover, but listening. Maybe they would listen even better if instead of just raising our voices, one or more of them were taken outside, stripped, tarred and feathered , given a Civics 101 lesson on how to lawfully function under the Constitution and then run out of town on a rail...? They could then pass the lesson learned along to their friends. (A full color picture account would be provided them.) Just a... thought.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Happened to Free Exercise...? IT'S STILL THERE!!!

The ACLU is seeking to have a public school principal and teacher jailed for saying grace at a meal. Who is next? This type of religious persecution is inexcusable! America was settled by those fleeing similar religious persecution.

Congress and some state legislatures are now considering deceitful “Hate Crimes” legislation that is, more than anything else, about religious persecution (primarily Christians) and the institutionalization and social acceptance of sexual perversity.

How long is America going to suffer these insane and lunatic attacks on their First Amendment rights by these anti-American un-American domestic enemies of the Constitution? The First Amendment is not nuanced! It is plainly stated and easily understood. Have you read it lately…?

As an American citizen I have the right to freely exercise my religion.

My religion was not given to me in a Church building nor intended to be confined to and practiced only in a Church building.

As an American, I have God given rights, among which are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Our Government was instituted to secure those rights and others enumerated in the Constitution. A primary right is to be able to, without coercion by authorities or penalty, acknowledge Almighty God and thank Him for those rights and the blessings He has bestowed upon me and my Country. Our children, grandchildren and their children’s children need to be educated on where and from Whom the rights and blessings they enjoy flow. Have you read the Declaration of Independence lately…?

The government, instead of securing those rights, has become destructive of those rights by its exercise of unjust power. It is time for Americans to stop yielding to or even tolerating domestic enemies of the Constitution! It is time for Americans to reclaim the Constitution and control of their Country and government!