Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama... Racist or Sexist?

Want proof positive that racism is alive and well in these United States?

Question: What gives Barack Obama the right to claim being a black American?

Granted his father was a black African man, but his mother was a white American woman. Is Obama a practicing racist, or sexist? He either is claiming that the black race is superior and/or dominant to the white race, thereby making his father’s race dominant… or he is claiming that the man alone determines the race of the child and the mother plays no part. After all: Have you EVER heard Obama refer to himself as being a white man?

I know that "mulatto" is a politically incorrect word these days, as is "half-breed", but would those not be a more honest, less racist or sexist way of describing Barack Obama’s racial profile?

I have known… mixed race children, who appeared very “light skinned” and “European” in features. Are they also to be called “black”…? If so… Why? If not… Why not? This gets even more complicated when the father is white and the mother is black. Does the racist rule apply… or the sexist rule?

Is it a matter of percentages…? If that is the case, my grandfather had extremely curly and kinky hair… with many thinking they knew why. His name was Wilson, but everyone called him “Curly”. Does this entitle me to be known as a black or afro-American…?

If Obama wants to consider himself a black American… he must explain if he is doing it for racist reasons… or sexist reasons.

If supporters are motivated by Obama’s declared racial allegiance and identification… they need to understand if they are supporting him because of racist reasons… or sexist reasons.

I prefer to see all persons as members of the same race… the HUMAN race.

Am I in racial denial…?